Each Order Includes:

Gourmet Beef Jerky (4): 8 oz.

Premium Nut Mixes (4): 6 oz.


This jerky and nut sampler is delicious! Enjoy this (8) pack of gourmet beef jerky and premium nuts. Our food sampler includes four of our homemade jerkies and four mixtures of premium nuts. Our jerkies use only high end blends and seasonings and each is gluten-free. Enjoy this assortment box at your next gathering, gift it for any occasion, or indulge in it all by yourself!

(1) Korean "Bulgogi" Jerky: This gourmet jerky is made with a mixture of aromatics and spices. It contains "Tamari" which is a gluten free soy sauce as well. Ginger and garlic with a hint of Chili's; make Forestiere's meat irresistible- you won't be able to put this sweet and spicy snack down. A curing salt is added for tenderizing and to ensure a long lasting product.


(1) Steak "au Poivre" Jerky: This batch is a play off of a French cuisine called "Steak au Poivre." Imagine a juicy, seasoned steak-jerky style! We use quality flank steak, peppercorn blend, Worcestershire and gluten free soy sauce. Garlic, brown sugar, and curing salt is also added. The meat lover and grill master will definitely enjoy this flavor!


(1) Thai "Curry Coconut" Jerky: This gourmet jerky is cured in a mixture of red curry paste, coconut milk, gluten free soy sauce, shaved coconut, and the aromatics of lemongrass, ginger, and garlic.It is then balanced with cane sugar and marinates for 24 hours. The flavor of this jerky is very unique. You can taste each individual flavor in each bite.  If you're a Thai food lover, you're sure to enjoy this one!


(1) Cajun "Blackened" Jerky: This gourmet jerky has a zesty bite of Louisiana Cajun seasoning. The "blackened" seasoning consists of toasted fennel, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, and onion and garlic powder. Cumin, Worcestershire sauce, and curing salts added as well. The jerky has a unique texture than other jerkies due to the spices used. If you like "blackened" chicken, salmon, or steak...be sure to add this to the top of your list!


*Each order is dehydrated with the best NY Strip Steak meat selection possible. We then heat seal our jerky in a poly bag to ensure freshness.

(1)-Salted Macadamia Nut, Cranberry, White Chocolate Chunk
(1)-Roasted Cashew, Dark Chocolate, Dried Cherries
(1)-Butter Toffee Almond, Toasted Coconut, Blond Chocolate
(1)-Peanut Butter Chip, Chocolate Candies and Raisin, Salted Peanuts


The gourmet assorted nut collection consists of nuts, dried fruit, and high-quality chocolate. Each mixture is placed in jars with screw on tops to ensure freshness. You will find Valrhona chocolate, whole cashews, whole almonds, macadamia halves, and premium peanuts.


Your order will be tastefully packaged and includes a FREE personalized message should you be gifting this item. Not only is this food gift box a healthy snack, but it is also gluten-free and packed with flavor.


Your gourmet purchase will be delivered in a white gift box with brown crinkle paper. Your personalized message will be placed on top (if desired).


We look forward to fulfilling your order!

Jerky & Nut Gift Box

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