Go big or go home! Here is the ultimate food sampler for your next get-together or gifting. Everyone can chow down on this 11-pack gourmet food gift box. 


Included in this gift box:


(6) sticks (12 oz) Pepper Finger Sticks
(6) sticks (12 oz) Maple Cheddar Sticks
(6) sticks (12 oz) Ghost Pepper Sticks
*Each pack of sausage is heat sealed in a poly bag for ultimate freshness.


(1) 6 oz. Butter Toffee Almond, Toasted Coconut, Blond Chocolate
(1) 6 oz. Roasted Cashew, Dark Chocolate, Dried Cherries
(1) 6 oz. Salted Macadamia Nut, Dried Cranberries, White Chocolate Chunk
(1) 6 oz. Peanut Butter Chip, Chocolate Candies and Raisin, Salted Peanuts
*All in clear containers with screw-on lid.


(4) Gourmet Condiments/Spreads:

(1) Sweet Relish (8 oz)-cucumber, bell pepper, vinegar, sugar, mustard seed
(1) Jalapeno Relish (8 oz)-jalapeno, cucumber, bell pepper, vinegar, sugar, mustard seed
(1) Olive Truffle Tapenade (8 oz)-Greek olives, truffle oil, olive oil, chili flake
(1) Horseradish Grain Mustard (8 oz)-mustard seed, vinegar, honey, marsala, horseradish

We love entertaining and find this gourmet food always wows our guests. Spread the contents out on your favorite food platter or gift it to that special someone who loves gourmet food. This combo also serves well for gifts of all occasions-housewarming, hostess, birthday, bereavement, sympathy, corporate, anniversary, holidays, etc. There's something for everyone to love in this food sampler and tons of people and ideas in which you can gift it!

This is a perishable food item; therefore, improper care will negatively impact the quality of our sausage. The shelf life of our product is 2-weeks if immediately refrigerated. Our condiments are pickled, preserved, and canned. Our jars make this condiment easy to open and enjoy; while also providing a quality shelf life. Each order is vacuum-sealed for ultimate “freshness.” The relish does not contain preservatives, therefore, please refrigerate once opened.


Your items will be tastefully packaged and shipped. FREE personalized message available. Please plan your order accordingly, as we strive for freshness and prompt shipping.

11-Pack Gift Box-Sausage, Nuts, Condiments

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