Our Story

Jaime Goulet & Daniel Goulet


Daniel and Jaime

Daniel and Jaime have an extraordinary story. They met in 2001, as Jaime was preparing to move to South Florida. Daniel up and left two successful restaurants to chase the love of his life; as well as help her with an eating disorder. Daniel’s passion and God-given talent for food would turn into a gift of life. Together, Daniel helped Jaime tackle meals; while also re-educating and training her mind to eat again.

They began cooking together and working together, serving many prestigious dinner parties in South Florida; all while Daniel simultaneously taught culinary arts and Jaime taught third grade. Daniel obtained his certified executive chef and certified executive pastry chef certifications. He also earned his Associates degree. Jaime’s new appreciation for food and Daniel’s hard work ethic landed them in several unique opportunities. They have made many long-lasting relationships with their clients and have found themselves catering to a wide range of events and individuals.

After having their first son, they decided to move back to their roots of Pennsylvania. Daniel and Jaime would begin to work in a restaurant together, where she was hired as his pastry chef. The journey had come full circle as they prepared exquisite dishes as a team; more so, as a husband and wife.

Their second son was born, and Jaime decided to focus on the family and support Daniel in his culinary career. Daniel continued to excel and partake in several philanthropic events. One evening after Daniel had created a batch of his homemade smoked sausage; Jaime presented an idea-a family business. Their two sons devoured these gourmet delights every time he brought them home. Jaime, having the creativity of a teacher, began to plan how to promote Dan’s delights.

Together, once again, they set forth in taking on another challenge. 

As they started this journey, two things were in mind: high standards and healthy gourmet foods. While they are hustling back and forth; they have two little food critics that taste their products and keep them grounded-their two boys. Their hard work ethic has already rubbed off on both of their sons and they can be found in their little chef coats working alongside mom and dad.

The Goulet Family